Collective agreement

National collective agreement No. 3058 (IDCC: 207) governs the relations between employers and employees working in the leather industry:

Tanneries, leather dressing companies, oil tanneries, dyehouses processing tawed hides and skins, and producers of beltings, industrial leathers, gloves, protective equipment and welts, across the whole of France.

The special terms and conditions applicable to Clerical, Technical, Supervisory and Managerial Staff are set out in appendices.

This collective agreement can be consulted via the following link (in French):


The social partners – delegations representing management and unions – hold regular meetings via the National Joint Committee, to negotiate minimum wages and other issues.

European social dialogue

“Tanning and Leather” social dialogue committee

The European partners representing the tanning industry meet three times a year in Brussels.

These tripartite meetings are attended by:

  • Delegations from COTANCE, representing the management of European tanners’ federations who belong to this organisation
  • Delegations from IndustriAll European Trade Union, representing European trade unions in the tanning industry
  • Representatives of the European Commission, who are experts in the subjects concerned.