What is leather?

A natural, lively and durable material to discover

Leather is tanned animal skin or hide, which has been rendered rotproof and is the end-product of the operations carried out by tanneries.

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French Tanners

French know-how in the rules of art

Discover tanners members of the Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie, their activities and the products they offer.

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Trade fairs & Shows

A dynamic international market

The Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie and French tanners take part in both domestic and international trade fairs and shows all year round.

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Claessens & Deschamps © Hermès Cuir Précieux, Paris 2014

Follow the life of the Federation


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French tanners will attend APLF Hong Kong from march, 13th to 15th 2019. liste des participants ici.

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From livestock rearing to finished product

Discover the process of leather production from upstream to downstream of the leather industry.

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Collective operations

In 2008, the Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie, in partnership with CTC – Development Committee for the Footwear, Leather and Leather Goods Industry –, embarked on a vast collective operation to promote French leathers production, under the name Intérieurs Cuir [‘Leather Interiors’].