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Film director: Louis Teran

Director of photography: Etienne Muller

Camera operators : Louis Teran et Rémi Mestre

Editor: Thomas Fernandez 

Production : agence 14 septembre for Fédération Française Tannerie Mégisserie

This footage was taken in the following tanneries: 

Mégisserie Alran - Mazamet, Mégisserie Richard - Millau, Mégisserie Lauret - Millau & Tannerie Haas - Eichoffen

Film report made in may 2015

The French Leather Industry by the Conseil National du Cuir 

Intérieurs Cuirs Acte 3 contest winners

Artéria - Élodie Elsenberger and Fabien Szczepanowski, Esad Reims
Jury prize winners Intérieurs cuir - Acte 3 Contest

A lamp inspired by the pattern created by blood vessels, with the leather material further intensifying this impression of life.

Leatherize - Marion Pegoud, Ecole Camondo Paris.
French Tanners special prize winner Intérieurs cuir - Acte 3 Contest

A carefully designed system of laser cutting and bonding making it possible to shape leather in unprecedented ways.