Paris showroom Hilton Paris Opéra

12 tanners will showcase their new collection on september, 15th 2020 @ Hilton Paris Opéra, from 8h30 am to 8h00 pm, in the 'Grand Salon' (hotel lobby)

participating tanners : Mégisserie ALRAN SAS, tannerie d'ANNONAY-HCP, mégisserie BODIN -JOYEUX, tannerie REMY CARRIAT, tannerie GAL, HIRIAR, mégisserie LAURET, tannerie LEPUY-HCP, mégisserie de MOLIERE, tannerie PECHDO, mégisserie RAYNAUD JEUNE, mégisserie RIAL 1957.

Hilton Opéra 108, rue Saint Lazare 75008 Paris

september, 15th 2020  -  8h30 am to 8h00 pm

'Grand Salon', facing the main entrance .

exhibiting companies details here.